On the writer's site I own and operate: http://www.STWA.net, in a thread about Wikis i wrote the following:

I'd love to start a fiction wiki and let anyone who wants to at any time edit or change anything in it. Probably the results would turn into a lowbrow sitcom. But maybe, just maybe, it would become some kind of revelation of a hidden grand narrative.

Or maybe both, like how every sitcom ever written has an episode where the characters decide to be "totally honest" as an experiment and it gets them into hilarious trouble.

A member who is an expert at them suggested this site and suggested that I shit or get off the pot. (my words, not his) so i did. Here we are. I'm reminded of course of that old philosophy thing about 10,000 monkeys banging keyboards would eventually write Shakespeare. But really we're better than monkeys. I'm hoping that if enough people put in enough effort we'll eventually have the story, THE STORY, the story of the human heart.

So, write it! just write it, and trust strangers to edit it into something wonderful.

Or a bad sitcom. Who knows? :)

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